Designed for distribution

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Structured for stability

HREIF is designed to be an income-producing investment in professionally managed real estate.

The Fund combines cash flow from stabilized property with value-add projects and new construction for a diversified strategy. We believe this creates a tax-efficient vehicle with aligned incentives and defined deliverables.

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“Humphreys has proven a valued partner, in regards to their clarity of vision and significant in-house real estate knowledge.”

– David Bach, Managing Director, Hines

Experienced Team

Partner with an intentionally aligned firm, where team participates in equity ownership and shares a commitment to our founding vision and values.

Effective Strategy

Invest in diligently cultivated, long-lasting, strategic relationships with best-in-class partners that provide preferential access to off-market opportunities.

Established Track Record

Observe the character of our partners and the emphasis on structural alignment which built our decade-long track record commitment at a time.

Fund Terms

  • Investor Suitability
    Accredited Investors
  • Structure
    Perpetual life private fund with subsidiary REIT
  • Price Per Unit
  • Rolling Private Offering
    Price updated quarterly with 3rd-party valuation
  • Minimum Initial Investment
    $500,000 or $100,000 for clients of approved financial advisor platforms
  • Advisory Fee
    0.65% of investors' net asset value
  • Performance Incentive
    25% Manager participation in total distributions (inclusive of the Advisory Fee)
  • Performance Hurdle
    6% annualized total return to investors over the trailing 36 months
  • Redemption Policy
    Quarterly, with 60-day notice; restricted in first year; subject to fund-level limit of 2.5% per quarter
  • Monthly Distributions
    Not guaranteed and may be funded from sources other than cash flow from operations
  • Tax Reporting
    Form K-1 delivered by July each year

Note: Quarter-end blackout for portfolio valuation begins 03/15/24, 06/15/24, 9/15/24, and 12/15/2024. Redemptions are not guaranteed and are subject to the Redemption Policy as stated in the current Operating Agreement, which was amended and restated effective 12/31/2022. Prospective investors should read the policy in its entirety before making an investment decision. Monthly distributions are not guaranteed and may be funded from sources other than net operating income.